Three Easy Steps to Quickly Clean Your Wood Floors: Cleaning Series Part 1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs nice and beautiful as wood floors can be, there is no such thing as the “self cleaning” wood floor. Fortunately, if done properly, cleaning your wood floor can be quick, easy and lead to a longer lasting floor. Here are some quick tips on getting the job completed fast and efficiently.

1. Vacuum with a wand attachment and nylon brush:
If you have a lot of debris on the floor, you’ll find its easier to do quick once over with a vacuum that has a hose/wand attachment.  If you have pets, much of the pet hair gathers around the edges and is also best cleaned with the vacuum.

Vacuum No-Nos:  Vacuums with “beater bars” are not as effective and can leave scratches in the floor with the wheels or beater bar.

2. Dry Microfiber Mop:
If you don’t have a lot of debris on the floor you can skip the vacuuming and just mop the floor with a dry microfiber cloth.

3. Damp Microfiber Mop:
Now that you have all the debris off the floor, you can run a damp microfiber over the floor.  Hot water spritzed on the floor or the mop head rinsed under the faucet will provide the right amount of water to get the job done.

Mopping No-Nos:  You most definitely don’t want to soak the mop or have standing water on the floor.  If the water is drying in about 1-2 minutes, thats about right.

And you’re done!  Easy-peasy-lemon-squeazy.  But, what about the special wood floor cleaners you ask?  You’ll find the answer in Part 2 of our Cleaning Series.






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  • What our customers have to say…

    “We so appreciate Jim’s professionalism, honesty, respect, eye to detail, and woodworking skill. He is a perfectionist not only with the install but also with the cleanup at the end of each day. Our beautiful new floors have dramatically changed the look of our home and everyone who comes to visit will comment on the change. We are extremely happy with our new floors.”

    Ron and Carol Halverson, West Fargo, ND

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