Borders, Vents, Feature Strips and More: Make your Hardwood Floor Stand Out

Maple and Brazilian Cherry

We all know hardwood floors can be a beautiful addition to any home and often are the focal point when done right.  But few people know the variety of ways that you can make your hardwood floor stand out even more, such as Old Maple Floorflush frame vents, baseboard vents, borders, medallions, creative patterns, headerboards, feature strips, creative staining, mitered side-skirts for staircases, custom fabricated transitions strips, and more!  Some of these can be tistriplabor intensive and come with a higher investment (i.e. borders and creative patterns), but many others (i.e. headerboards, custom fabricated transition strips and mitered side-skirts for staircases) simply come with the cost of a standard install. That is, as long as you’ve hired the right company.



These features that accentuate your hardwood floor are often what low-bidding companies leave out because they require expertise and time. Companies that have the expertise and are willing to take the time to do things right cost more initially.  That’s right, hardwood floors are not a commodity.  There will be a significant difference in the final appearance and durability of your new hardwood floor, depending on who you hire.

Borders and creative patterns will come with a higher initial investment due to the extra labor involved.  There are so many options in this category that it would be impossible to list them all.  Borders can a be a simple one or two-board combination that contrasts with the field (the main floor), or it can be a series of varied colors and patterns of boards for a more intricate look.  Creative patterns can encompass the entire floor, (i.e. herringbone, chevron and log cabin framing), or can feature the middle of a floor with an interesting design.  The sky is the limit.  If you have existing hardwood in your home a creative pattern can also be created using stains during the finishing process.

Wood Floor Border 1Often it is the little things that matter most.  Custom transitions,

headerboards, and flush frame vents are often low-cost or built into the cost of the installation price and have a huge impact on the final appearance and feel of the floor.  These are the thingsWhite Oak Flush Vent that your friends and family truly appreciate when they are drooling over your floor.

Keep in mind, we can often add borders, vents, features and custom transitions to your existing hardwood floor.  In fact, we cut in new flush frame vents and add custom transition strips to most of our refinish projects.  They are a relatively small investment and provide the extra detail to make your hardwood floor stand out.

HeaderWe love to make our customers’ floors stand out from the crowd.  That’s why we take extra time to do these “little Wood Stained Tilethings” right.  In fact, this is what we take pride in!  We want your neighbors, friends, and families to be a little envious when they walk into your home and see an elegant, stunning hardwood floor.  And the closer they look, the more the little things stand out. This time, it won’t be you who says, “I wish this was my floor.”




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    “We so appreciate Jim’s professionalism, honesty, respect, eye to detail, and woodworking skill. He is a perfectionist not only with the install but also with the cleanup at the end of each day. Our beautiful new floors have dramatically changed the look of our home and everyone who comes to visit will comment on the change. We are extremely happy with our new floors.”

    Ron and Carol Halverson, West Fargo, ND

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