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Borders, Vents, Feature Strips and More: Make your Hardwood Floor Stand Out

We all know hardwood floors can be a beautiful addition to any home and often are the focal point when done right.  But few people know the variety of ways that you can make your hardwood floor stand out even more, such as flush frame vents, baseboard vents, borders, medallions, creative patterns, headerboards, feature strips, creative staining, mitered side-skirts for staircases, custom fabricated transitions strips, and more!  Some of these […]

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What if My Hardwood Floor has Pet Stains?

It can be quite disappointing when you move into a new home and eagerly tear up the carpet to see the beautiful hardwood underneath, only to find that past owners have allowed their pets to urinate all over the floor.  Does this mean the floor is done?  Can it be repaired?  What will this cost?  Hopefully this blog will answer some of those questions.

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Can Douglas Fir be Sanded?

  Homeowners frequently ask if their old, beat-up Douglas fir floor can be sanded.  They often think that, just because it looks terrible now, that it can’t be salvaged.  In reality, these old fir floors are often a gem waiting to be polished.  Ok, it takes a little more work than just a little polishing; however, many fir floors do still have a lot of life left in them.

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What Cleaner Do I Use on My Hardwood Floor?

  So after reading the post on giving your wood floors a quick clean, you’re wondering, “just hot water, really…  what about all those special hardwood floor cleaners?  And what about the tried-and-true vinegar and water solution?”  Well, we are big advocates of just cleaning with hot water and a quality micro-fiber mop (which you will receive if we sand your wood floor), however, if you do choose to use […]

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Three Easy Steps to Quickly Clean Your Wood Floors: Cleaning Series Part 1

As nice and beautiful as wood floors can be, there is no such thing as the “self cleaning” wood floor. Fortunately, if done properly, cleaning your wood floor can be quick, easy and lead to a longer lasting floor. Here are some quick tips on getting the job completed fast and efficiently.

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Why Do My Wood Floors Gap in the Winter?

During January and February every year, it’s very common for concerned home owners to call their local wood flooring specialist with this very question, this year more so this than before. So what do the gaps in your floor have to do with this time of year, and what can you do about it? First of all we should clarify that if you have a older wood floor, say 50-100 […]

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How Much do Wood Floors Cost? Part 4 of 4: Why Our “No Risk Guarantee” is One-of-a-Kind?

Well, you’ve done your research and found a company that you think will do a great job at remodeling your home.  This company met with you at length in your home, listened to your concerns, and provided answers with your best interest in mind. They then followed up with a comprehensive, itemized estimate that made you feel like you were in control of the project and the budget.  You’re ready […]

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How Much do Wood Floors Cost? Part 2 of 4: Why We Love Providing In-Home Consultations!

If you read part 1 of the 4-part series “How Much do Wood Floors Cost?” you now understand that in order to provide you with high-end, customized, personal service, we need to meet you and get to know you better.  We need to understand what wood floors mean to you, why you want them in your home, how you want them to work with your decor, and what your expectations […]

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Are There Wood Floors in Your House: Fargo’s Guide to Finding Wood Floors in Your Home!

Have you ever wished you had hardwood floors throughout your home, but know that a new hardwood floor installation is out of your budget?  Well, don’t give up hope yet. If you live in a home that is built prior to 1970’s there is almost certainly hardwood underneath that dingy carpet. Although there is no hard and fast rule for knowing what kind of wood is in your home judging […]

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DIY Wood Floor Sanding: Common Pitfalls of Sanding Wood Floors Yourself

It’s not uncommon to get a call for a floor sanding estimate in which the conversation starts with, “I have wood floors in my house, and I am considering doing it myself.”   The truth is, wood floor sanding is a popular do it yourself project and often an intriguing challenge enticing many homeowners looking to get their hands dirty.  It’s also no secret that sanding wood floors is a […]

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