Unique Flooring Options

Make What You Stand On Stand Out

There are many unique prefinished and unfinished flooring options that can make your floors stand out. They tend to be more costly than your average hardwood flooring, but the look of these options outfits your room with an unmistakable character.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring:

Reclaimed wood is wood that is salvaged for the purposed of re-using. These floors often provide a vintage, old-world feel by having nail holes, worm holes and other characteristics that can only be achieved by age. Pine boards from old barns and farmhouses are a popular reclaimed flooring choice. Home owners love the unique patina that aged pine can provide. Often these reclaimed woods come with their “original face” which means the flooring surface is not touched during the milling process. This is a popular choice for Tobacco Barn Pine Barn, Rough Sawn Pine and Oak, Attic Worn Pine and any other wood where the boards’ original surface is what provides its uniqueness.

River and Lake Salvaged Wood Flooring:

Just as it sounds, river and lake salvaged wood flooring is made from timber that has been preserved at the bottom of rivers and lakes. Some of these timbers were dense logs that sank during their trip from logging sites to lumber mills. Others are sunken forests that have been flooded and, up until recent technology, have been unobtainable. The lack of oxygen in the muck or deep cold water prevents the timbers from rotting.

Hand-Scraped Wood Flooring:

Although hand-scraped flooring can be achieved by a variety of methods, the look most often associated with this flooring is that of elongated dips carved out of each board. Before the technology to do so, this look was achieved by using a hand scraper or plane. It is still a popular flooring choice for those who want a unique look for their hardwood floors.

Distressed Hardwood Flooring:

Distressed wood flooring is any flooring that has been “worn” and “beat-up” to achieve the look of an aged floor. One way acquire a distressed floor is to use reclaimed wood flooring and only lightly sand or buff it before finishing. Another way is to install new hardwood prior to finishing, through a large variety of methods, this will mimic the wear and tear a floor may go through in its life. Some popular methods to produce this look on new floors is: using car keys to make many small dents, dragging chairs across the floor, hitting the floor with chains, hammer heads, hammer claws, and using a nail punch to mimic old nail holes. These are only a few of the numerous ways of distressing a floor. The most unique aspect of a distressed floor is you are only limited by your imagination.

New Technology:

With the advances in technology, there are some interesting and unique wood floors that have yet to hit the US market. One of which is a floor manufactured by Bolefloors in Europe. Most flooring uses straight boards that were milled. Bolefloors are a series of irregular boards that are designed reflect the subtle, natural curves of a tree.  Take a look.

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