These Three are Critical for Color, Cover and Durability

These products are often the most confusing aspect to homeowners when making hardwood flooring decisions. This is a shame since stains, sealers and finishes play such a vital role in the outcome. Without knowing what to look for, a homeowner might not realize they’ve bought an inferior product until it’s too late. Here are a few things cheap finishing products can lead to:

  • Adhesion problems
  • Decreased longevity of your hardwood floors
  • A plastic or fake look
  • Inability of future recoats
  • Highlighting of scratches instead of hiding them
  • Yellowing from the sun’s UV light

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your installer is using superior products:

Always ask about brand name finishing products at a consultation. You have a right to know.  Professionals use professional products!

Stains, Sealers and Finishes are different products with different roles. For instance, stain has little to do with durability. If someone talks about the durability of a stain, they’re confusing stain with finish. Make sure whomever you talk to understands the importance of each of these products.

Top-of-the-line products are not sold at do-it-yourself hardware stores. The stains, sealers and finishers you see on the shelves at big box stores don’t compare to the level of products that are available to professionals.

Now that we have that established, let’s discuss what each of these products are and what function they serve.

  • What our customers have to say…

    “We so appreciate Jim’s professionalism, honesty, respect, eye to detail, and woodworking skill. He is a perfectionist not only with the install but also with the cleanup at the end of each day. Our beautiful new floors have dramatically changed the look of our home and everyone who comes to visit will comment on the change. We are extremely happy with our new floors.”

    Ron and Carol Halverson, West Fargo, ND

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