Why Hire Us

If you’re seriously considering having hardwood flooring installed or sanded in your home, you’ll have the seemingly tough decision to hire the right company.  At Natural Accent Hardwood Floors, we want to make that decision easy for you, so here are seven reasons you’ll want to hire us to provide you with beautiful hardwood floors.

1.  Hardwood flooring is all we do! We’re fully licensed and insured hardwood flooring craftsmen.

There are so many jack-of-all-trades out there that claim to specialize in everything from tile and carpet, to vinyl and hardwood.  Our philosophy is that if we want to be the best in the hardwood flooring industry, hardwood flooring must be our exclusive focus.  We are hardwood flooring craftsmen in an industry that is flooded with jack-of-all-trades handymen.  We also carry a $2,000,000 business insurance policy and a North Dakota Contractor License.

2.  Our “No-Risk Guarantee”

We are so confident that we are going to blow your expectations out of the water that we offer a industry leading “No-Risk Guarantee.”  This is not your typical “satisfaction guarantee” that has come to mean so little in the consumer market, but rather it’s a unique promise to you, from our company.  If we’re going to claim that we’re the hardwood flooring company you’re looking for, we better back it up with a guarantee that no other hardwood flooring company would dare match.  We take all the risk and leave you with only the peace-of-mind that you will soon have beautiful hardwood floors in your home.  Please read more about our entire “No-Risk Guarantee here.”

3.  Comprehensive, itemized, and personalized estimates

When you receive an estimate from our company, you will not be getting the typical one-page “total project cost” estimate that you have come to expect.  After spending time listening to you at the in-home consultation, we’ll put together a full, multi-page estimate which clearly explains several finish systems, products, and services for you to choose from.  You will also receive a personalized letter explaining the estimate in further detail with our personal recommendations for you and your family.

4  You’ll never be surprised by the invoice

We stick to the costs on the estimates, and if, by chance, we run into a stain or needed repair, we will discuss with you the options available with their associated costs.  You’ll know the final cost before you ever get the invoice.

5.  Dustless sanding

Since our goal is to provide the top customer service in the industry, we knew we had to invest in the top dust containment system on the market.  Every sander we use on your hardwood floor (and we use several) is hooked up to a dust containment system which filters over 98% of the fine dust created by the sanders.  So how effective is 98% filtration?  Well, we have found that carpet removal is dustier, by far, than our entire sanding process.

6.  We only use the best products on the market

We only offer the best products because our customers expect the best results.  You won’t find us skimping on the quality of our hardwood flooring or floor finishes just to jack up our profit margins for the short term.

7. We don’t juggle projects

When we start a floor remodel, we work on it until it’s finished.  We know the huge inconvenience it is to have your floor out of commission and we work diligently to get the project done in a timely manner.

  • What our customers have to say…

    “We so appreciate Jim’s professionalism, honesty, respect, eye to detail, and woodworking skill. He is a perfectionist not only with the install but also with the cleanup at the end of each day. Our beautiful new floors have dramatically changed the look of our home and everyone who comes to visit will comment on the change. We are extremely happy with our new floors.”

    Ron and Carol Halverson, West Fargo, ND

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